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FI module

SAP Finance and accounting module (FI - Financial Accounting) is used to encompass all business transactions by the company to meet the needs of external reporting.  All legally required reports are already included in the system and provide coverage at the level of multiple companies, multiple states or multiple currencies. Full integration with modules of Sales and Distribution (SD) and Materials Management (MM) ensures that for each accounting document one can get the original document using the "drill down" method.


Finance and accounting module contains the following sub-modules:

  • General Ledger (FI-GL)

  • Input Invoices (FI-AP)

  • Output Accounts (FI-AR)

  • Banking Accounting (FI-BL)

  • Fixed Assets (FI-AA)

  • Funds Management (FI-FM)

  • Travel Management (FI-TV)

  • Special General Ledger (FI-SL)


Regardless of whether it is a single legal entity or a large multinational company, FI module allows automation of all legally required booking and reports. The main organizational levels in the FI module are:

  • Company Code  - Represents a single legal entity. As part of an SAP ERP installation, it is possible to run multiple legal entities or all entities within a larger organization of which each has its own balance sheet, income statement and other required reports.

  • Loan management -  - If you use loan (credit) management, credit management area can be used to control the loans for one or more legal entities.

  • Chart of Accounts  - FI module supports the use of one or more charts of accounts, making it possible to record accounting transactions and create reports in several different legal environments. An accounting system can be used in several codes of the company, or each code of the company can be used as a separate one.


Business processes in finance and accounting module:


FI module is designed to record the accounting transactions to meet external reporting, which must be in accordance with legal regulations. The module also covers the consolidation, the book of incoming and outgoing accounts, management of fixed assets and so on.

This is only a brief description of the FI module for those who are first time to meet with the SAP ERP system. For additional information, please contact us. Our team will gladly come to you to present all the modules you are interesed in and answer all your questions.